Why Kids Love Buzz Lightyear From Toy Story Dvd

One of the most popular toys this year is the Talking Buzz Lightyear Toy Story toy from the toy story dvd. It talks and sounds just like in the movie with actor, Tim Allen’s voice. “To Infinity and beyond,” that is his famous line. Its arms light up with laser beams as it sports his trademark helmet, pop-up wings, and a suit that glows in the dark. It is a remarkable toy in any package. Also, to add to play enjoyment it has pose-able joints.

Just as Toy Story 3 instantly paved its way to stardom, Toy Story toys have become a hit for most of the kids today. It is not surprising that kids will request for their very own Toy Story toy or action figure. How about Buzz Lightyear for a Christmas present?

Often called as “Buzz”, this toy is one of the main characters in the film. He is a space ranger who is always committed at coming to everyone’s rescue. Having been seen in all parts of the Toy Story movies, Buzz Lightyear gained it popularity in the eyes of kids and toy companies. Thus, toys and action figures are created for Buzz.

Aside from action figures, toy stores such as VTech and Lego came up with other Buzz inspired stuff. It is so cool that kids couldn’t resist the urge of owning them. There is the VTech Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop. This laptop is shaped exactly the same as Buzz spaceship and is packed with educational activities for youngsters. Your kid can learn so much from this laptop with its 30 different activities such as logic and problem solving, phonics, Spanish, typing skills, numbers and so much more. Your kid will really enjoy this toy with its alien cursor0style mouse, LCD screen and pop-out wings. Other toys made from VTech are Learn & Go and Talk & Teach Phone to name a few.

If your kid is into creating stuff, the LEGO Disney/Pixar Toy Story Construct-a-Buzz is the ideal toy for him. This toy allows you to build Buzz Lightyear figures that pose straight up. Your child’s masterpiece will look just like the real Buzz with his winged jet pack, closable visor and arm-mounted, flick-launching laser cannon. Of course, Buzz is not complete without his spaceship. The LEGO Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buzz’s Spaceship completes his day. You can open its cockpit to have the Space Ranger sit inside. This toy comes with a Buzz action figure and Evil Emperor Zurg mini figures.

Purchase your favorite Buzz Lightyear toy and action figure now. Hurry, there is no time to waste for holiday shopping.

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